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sPro 60 HD

Lead in productivity and quality with unprecedented SLS refinement.

The sPro 60 HD prints durable, high-definition plastic parts from the broadest range of available materials. This state-of-the-art system uses digital scans to masterfully and rapidly manufacture your design’s specifications.


  Model: sPro 60 HD
  Manufacturer: 3D Systemes
  Powder layout: Precision Counter Rotating Roller
  Layer thickness range (typical): 0.003 in (Min 0.08 mm); Max 0.006 in
  Build envelope capacity (XYZ): 15 x 13 x 18 in (381 x 330 x 437 mm), 15.2 U.S. gal (57.5 I)
  Imaging System: ProScan™ CX (digital)
  Scanning speed: 200 in/s (6 m/s)
  Laser power/type: 30 W / CO2
  Volume build rate: 1.0 L/hr (60 cu in/hr)
  System warranty: One-year warranty, under 3D Systems purchase terms and conditions
Electrical Requirements System: 240 V/12.5 kVA, 50/60 Hz AC 50/60 Hz, 3-phase (System)
Standard Features System Control & Part Preparation Software: LS4.4 Sinter/BuildSetUp Software featuring part Add/Delete on-the-fly for flexibility, SinterScan Module for high accuracy and part consistency, and Build Time Estimator.
Other Options RemoteNotify™ Software Module: Automatically send emails upon machine status change, including build height, part completion, alarms, etc.
  RealMonitor & Graphic Viewer-Advanced Software: Logs laser, heater, and sensor data during build and allows for export to a database for statistical process control.